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What people say after working with me:

After starting my work with Madelleine, for the first time in a long time, my body feels at ease and I can actually sleep again! I’ve physically been able to feel the additional surge of creative energy in my body after releasing a ton of inner stuff I didn’t really have the energy or skill to look at before now. And now, I’ve finally allowed myself to unleash my true creative side and am embracing my love of photography to a much larger extent, with great results to follow. I’ve been recognized as ‘one to follow’ TWICE in the past 3 months on Instagram (with more than 25,000 followers now!) and won photo-competitions on Mashable. I think my true genius is really emerging.

Maria Fynsk Norup, Photographer & Web Designer

I have chosen to work with Madelleine because she is brilliant and exactly what I need. She knows the ways of the body, mind and even hardcore business. I have already cracked the ”how to make money”-code. But to take my message even further and wider and make an even bigger impact, I needed help. Even though I was making a great living doing what I was doing – I felt something was off –it was like ”I” was missing or not integrated enough. After half a day with Madelleine we totally nailed it. Some of the internal 'noise' that continuously kept popping up was eliminated and released, and we nailed my zone of genius and my special angle and message. It was such a relief and everything else is falling into place, as this is one of the parts that have been missing for me. In our continuous work together, Madelleine helped me tap into my intuition and I discovered resources within me I never knew existed. Last month, I made $100K, feeling even more aligned to my message and inner genius.

Carolina Bjork, Founder of The Meaningful Life Method™

Madelleine’s help has been invaluable to me over the years. Her insight and advice helped me navigate many situations where I felt stuck and didn’t know how to move forward. For example, because of the perspective she offered and the advice she gave me, I was able to land several high profile guests (e.g. New York Times Bestselling authors and other world class entrepreneurs) to be interviewed on my show, Born To Influence. We’ve had amazing results thanks to Madelleine’s nuts & bolts type of sage advice on marketing and promotions. Because of the work we did together, the show quickly became a well recognized and highly regarded podcast on iTunes with well over a hundred five star ratings from our audience, 30,000+ downloads a month and it was featured on one of the top shows in the categories of business, education and technology. I’m eternally helpful for Madelleine’s advice, guidance and presence. If you have a chance to work with her in any shape or form, do it! Her insights are priceless and it can really help you take your business to a whole new level.

Esther Kiss, Born To Influence The Marketing Show