About Madelleine

My name is Madelleine Muller and I help artists and creative entrepreneurs and professionals to discover and operate from their inner genius, so they can truly step into their utmost uniqueness and make the impact they were born to make.

Having studied and worked over a decade within the spiritual and personal development field I have developed and enhanced my skill set for understanding the complexity of the human psyche, particularly within the context of self-growth. I work to help my clients to harness their own inner resources and decision-making powers in order for them to create the change they seek.

Coupled with my marketing expertise and project management skills I help clients to bring their work, services and products into the world in a way that suits them, their body, mind and spirit.

I hold a Master's Degree in International Development, and a Bachelor's in African and Asian Politics and History. Before I took the leap into self-employment, I played a large role in growing the Danish department of a global non-profit organization from zero to several million dollars in revenue, and facilitated the design and implementation of innovative human rights and civic change programmes in urban Kenya and Egypt.

I'm also a singer, a song-writer and a flute player, and currently, I'm writing and composing songs and music for an album, and am writing a fiction thriller. When any of this will be published, only time will tell.